Bradford the Banker

Conversation at youth group tonight:

7th grade girl: “So, I was at school today and I was thinking about your son and his future.”

Me: “His future?  What do you mean?”

7th grade girl: “You know, what he will do with his future.  I think about the future a lot.”

Me: “Ok, well what is he going to do with his future then.  Please tell me what you think.”

7th grade girl: “I decided he will most likely be a banker.  He will be Bradford the Banker and he will probably be successful”

Me: “Well thank you for letting me know that.  It was nice of you to think about his future for him.  I will make sure to tell him when he can understand that you think he should become a banker.

7th grade girl: “That would be a good thing to tell him.”


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