Happy 10 months B Man!

B man turns 10 months old today, which seems crazy because that means he is almost a year!  He is doing awesome, and here is just a little update on how and what he is doing:  He is currently slightly over 21 lbs, which puts him in the 60th weight percentile for his age (he’s decreased a little in percentile, but still is a very healthy and big size.)  I don’t remember the length, because we were at a new pediatrician’s office and my mind had a lot of questions which meant that there was not enough room in my brain for this piece of information to stick.  I do remember that he grew in length.

He currently eats about everything, which makes meals much easier because he just eats what we eat for the most part.  Some of his favorites are pasta, tomatoes, peanut butter and jelly, any type of fruit, sweet potatoes, black beans, and sand.  He has 7 teeth and another about to pop through.  He crawls everywhere, and has just begun standing on his own without holding on.  Current tricks are still the hand to the back of the mouth trick, clapping, making sounds “ba ba da da ma ma, and na na (although with no seemingly understanding or connection to what these mean.)  He is definitely the loudest kid in the nursery and his play groups, seems to love being the center of attention, and is a magnet for middle school girls and old ladies.  He loves banging on everything with his play mallet (including Opal), and making noise of any kind.  Here are a few recent pictures:


2 thoughts on “Happy 10 months B Man!

  1. I love the picture of Bradford in the crib with his feet through the rails….that is hilarious and adorable! You certainly capture some great moments on film.

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