Happy 11 months old!

Today is B man’s 11th monthday.  It’s so hard to believe that in just one more month he will be a year old, and that this time last year we were excitedly preparing for his arrival.  I still can remember and replay many of these days from last year, especially the ones right before his birth.  We feel so blessed to be celebrating this Christmas with him, and are enjoying every day as he just keeps getting more fun.

Here is a quick update.  Current weight: 22 lbs.  Things he is doing:  He talks a lot and loves to play with anything that makes noise.  If there are no toys that make noise, he entertains himself by opening and closing any drawer in sight and banging on whatever he can reach.  New tricks are walking with assistance, and taking a few steps on his own.  He took his first steps right before Thanksgiving, and will now take about 3-4 without falling.  He’s started dancing and clapping to music, high fiving, and waving bye-bye.  He still eats great but has definitely gotten more picky and opinionated with his food.  His current favorites are blueberries and tomatoes.

Here are a few recent pictures:


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