A Florida Christmas

We spent our first Christmas away from family, and in Florida this year.  Although it felt really different waking up at our own house and not being surrounded by family, we are so thankful that we saw all of our siblings and parents before the holiday, making it not as difficult to be away as it could have been.  It was fun thinking through what we wanted to start for our own traditions, and enjoying the ability to do some outdoor adventures (due to the 75 degree sunshine on Christmas day!)

We spent Christmas Eve by going to church and enjoying a wonderful service.  Afterwards, we were able to eat dinner with boys from a group home that Andy spoke to after the service.  This was such a reminder of how much we are blessed with and how much we have to be thankful for, as these boys are without families and spending Christmas at a group home.  We ended the night with two cups of peppermint hot chocolate and our own candlelight service, a tradition the Nelsons have always done that we wanted to carry on.

Although Andy and Bradford both woke up with pretty bad colds on Christmas, we were able to enjoy some homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, open gifts, go for a walk by the beach, and spend the evening with some good friends we met at church.  B man enjoyed his new cat keyboard and his walker, and he also got his first pair of real shoes to aid him in his attempts at walking.  Opal thoroughly has enjoyed the dental chew bones she got, and has been satisfied with a couple of new toys as well.  I think B man enjoyed his first Christmas!


2 thoughts on “A Florida Christmas

  1. love that last picture… totally stole that tradition from yall. we had to sit for our one foot tree to be seen this year…. maybe next year! ha. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. That Meowsic toy is so awesome-one of my foster kids got it for Christmas too, and I have enjoyed watching her musical antics and dancing to it = ) Glad you had a great (and warm) Christmas. I can’t believe you were in shorts and t-shirts while we had snow!

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