To My Best Friend in the Whole World:

Dear B Man,

You are my best friend.  Thank you for always giving me food to eat, and for sharing your toys.  Mom and Dad tell me it is your birthday.  Happy Birthday to you.  Does that mean you will give me some cake?  I hope so.

We have so much fun together.  I love coming into your room in the morning and helping you get out of bed.  You always are excited to see me, and it makes me feel special.  You are more fun now that you are walking because we can play together, although you don’t really understand how to throw me my toys yet.  That is OK.  You will learn.  My favorite times are riding in the car with you and singing in the back while Mom or Dad drives.  Maybe one day you will ride on my back and we can make up our own songs.

Well, Happy Birthday.

Love your best friend,

Opal Dean



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