Happy Birthday B Man!

I can’t believe that this was a year ago:

And that that little baby has turned into this loud, fun, hilarious little boy:

Dear B Man,

Today you turn 1 year old!  Happy Birthday!  We have loved every second of this year with you, and you have taught us so much.  We love you more than we ever thought possible.  You have such a fun personality, are always into everything, and love to babble all the time.  Some of your favorite things are eating (you have always loved food), playing peek a boo with the door in your room, wrestling on the bed with Dad, playing with Opal in the back yard, and taking baths.  You just started walking everywhere a couple of weeks ago, and are saying some a couple of words now: daddy, dog, and baby.  You also like to bark like Opal when you hear her barking. You have such an incredible smile that seems to be contagious because it takes over your entire face.  Opal is your best friend, and we love it that you and her love each other so much.

We are so proud of all you have accomplished this year and are very excited to be celebrating your 1st birthday with you!  We love you very much.


Mom and Dad



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