Happy Birthday Mom

Emily is the chief blogger around this house but occasionally I (andy) like to make my mark on the world wide web.  I feel that it is appropriate that I post a little something today for my babes birthday.

Emily is a spectacular mother, wife, and friend.  Therefore, when Emily had the opportunity to comfort one of her closest friends while she grieved the loss of her father-in-law Em took it.  She got in the car at 2 am this morning and rode with some good friends all the way to Dalton, GA to attend the funeral.  She will catch an early morning flight tomorrow and be back in Florida by mid morning.  All of this on her birthday.

I am consistently amazed by Emily’s selflessness and love for others.  She is filled with compassion for others and is a true friend.  She gives herself for Bradford and I daily.  We were bummed not to have her here on her birthday so we had to make a little video to say hello.  Bradford really wanted to sing, so we sang happy birthday together.

Happy birthday babe!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Thanks Babe and B man for the birthday video! I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you in the morning. Love you both.

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