Friday Fun

We started out the day with the two men in matching outfits…

Then we headed to lunch and stopped to take a picture of the middle-named “Lowry” men next to their street…

And then it was off to the beach…

The water is still pretty cold, and he was not too happy after his quick spill…

We love having Dad around on Fridays to go on our many adventures!

The Cat-Dog

B man learned a new word when we were in Atlanta: Kitty.  He says it with a really high-pitched voice and repeatedly, which I think he got from my dad who when he calls the cat has always said “Kitty, Kitty, Kitty” in a high-pitched voice.  When we first got there, every time he would see Jack, my parents cat, he would start chasing him while saying “dog” over and over.  Once he finally got “kitty,” he would alternate between “kitty” and “dog.”  We started referring to Jack as the Cat-Dog.

When we first got home, and he saw Opal Dean for the first time, he did say “dog” but has a couple of times referred to her as “kitty, kitty, kitty.”  All that to say, I think he’s gotten a little confused but it is really cute to watch…


This Boy LOVES the outdoors

B man discovered the back yard at my parents house, and decided that he absolutely loved being outside.  He enjoyed crunching in the leaves, picking up sticks, and running down the hill in the front yard.  Since we’ve been home, he has been standing at the back door wanting to go out, and cries when he has to come inside.  I think he’s found a whole new world to explore outside!  I know this is a lot of pictures, but he was just too cute so I took a ton…

Reading with Grandparents

B man has discovered that he likes sitting and being read to (only for a short time though, and then he likes to explore and run around!).  While we were in Atlanta, he enjoyed all the time that he got reading with his grandparents, and even his great-Grammy too!  I know he will miss them all.

Birthday Celebration

We were so excited to spend some time with Bo for his 6th birthday this past weekend.  With their family living far for several years, and now our family living far, we don’t get a lot of time with them and miss out on celebrating birthdays together.  So what fun to be together and get to attend Bo’s birthday party.  Bradford enjoyed playing with his cousins and especially enjoyed the birthday cake and ice cream!

Happy Birthday Bo!

Want to go for a stroller ride, Sadie?

From there to Here

B man and I arrived safely in Atlanta, the court case is over, and we have enjoyed our time with family.  Thankfully, the victory fell to the prosecution and the man on trial was sentenced to life in prison.  Makes the trip up to testify worth it.  I’m thankful for the children who were so brave to testify and am glad they received closure and hopefully will be able to move on after this experience.

We have experienced quite a change in weather here in Georgia, and here are a couple of pictures to show the change:

The weekend before we left.  Sunny, clothed in shorts & t-shirts in 80+ degree weather:

Thursday in Atl.  Snow on the ground, clothed in layers, hats, gloves, blankets, etc…  30 degree weather:

Quick Update

We have been having some technical difficulties around here, so I don’t have any pictures to post but wanted to give a quick update.  All is going well around here.  Baby #2 is doing well, and I’m officially done with the 1st 12 weeks of this pregnancy.  It’s been different than my pregnancy in a lot of ways, and similar in some.  Different in that I have not felt that great, but am thankful that I’m feeling a lot better now than I did at the beginning.  The reality of another baby is starting to sink in as my belly grows and we talk more and more about it.

This past month has been a lot of fun with having a lot of visitors, but have also felt really busy and a little chaotic.  Bradford and I head north tomorrow to Atlanta for a little over a week, and are looking forward to time with family and friends.  I would appreciate any prayers for this coming week though as I am going to be testifying in a trial for a case I was involved in when I worked at the TreeHouse.  Not a fun thing, but a very necessary thing for these children to receive some closure and hopefully justice.  We’ll miss Andy and don’t look forward to the time away from him, but know that he and Opal Dean will enjoy the extra bonding time (especially Opal who gets to sleep in the bed when one of us is gone, her favorite thing besides eating cheese.)

I will hopefully be able to post some pictures soon.  The church had a petting zoo over the weekend, and B man had a blast petting the bunnies and the pot belly pig.  I think the boy loves animals!  He is doing really well, walking and running everywhere…and talking the whole time (not saying many clear words though.)  He has so much personality and keeps us laughing a lot!