Food Sharing

Opal learned early on that if she stuck near Bradford, she might get some food every once in a while.  We have been working on learning to not feed Opal from the high chair, and it is really hard not to laugh as the B man tries to figure it all out.  He now currently will hold his food out, say “dog,” and violently shake his head no.  He then typically feeds it to her anyway.  It seems that either he hasn’t figured out that “no” means to not do it, or he completely gets it and is doing it anyway, in which case we are not giving him enough credit for what he understands.

A few days ago, I found another instance of food sharing going on.  The pair love to play in the refrigerator, and often it keeps him satisfied long enough for me to cook our dinner, but the other day I noticed some food sharing when B man discovered the cheese and how to open the packets.  Cheese, being Opal’s favorite food, kept her very close by and anxiously awaiting when B man would share some with her, which he did.  At least in all of this, he has learned how to share and does share his food regularly with those around him.


4 thoughts on “Food Sharing

  1. LOVE it! Your family is soo sweet! My family misses y’all. But we think about you a lot (I was just thinking about you and your bump this morning!) and hope all is well!

  2. I really love this post…and you totally beat me to the punch as I had a “refrigerator play time while I cook dinner” post coming in the near future. These pics capture the whole scene perfectly….I just love it!

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