From there to Here

B man and I arrived safely in Atlanta, the court case is over, and we have enjoyed our time with family.  Thankfully, the victory fell to the prosecution and the man on trial was sentenced to life in prison.  Makes the trip up to testify worth it.  I’m thankful for the children who were so brave to testify and am glad they received closure and hopefully will be able to move on after this experience.

We have experienced quite a change in weather here in Georgia, and here are a couple of pictures to show the change:

The weekend before we left.  Sunny, clothed in shorts & t-shirts in 80+ degree weather:

Thursday in Atl.  Snow on the ground, clothed in layers, hats, gloves, blankets, etc…  30 degree weather:


One thought on “From there to Here

  1. I love it! It’s like you’re coming to the frigid north… I also love it that B-man’s lovey is in both the pictures! 😀

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