A few random things…

To see some awesome pictures taken by Sarah from this past weekend, check out:


And on another note, we are so excited and waiting in anticipation for next Thursday when we get to go find out this baby’s gender.  We’re just about at 20 weeks now, and I’m having a hard time believing that this pregnancy is already half way over. It’s going really well so far, and baby “Nelly,” as Andy calls him/her is growing/doing well.

Lastly, here are just a couple of pictures of B man with his bedtime friends.  First, there’s “blanket head” who is B man’s best friend besides Opal, and if it were up to him, it would be with him at all times.  The green alligator was a gift from my Grammy (B man’s great-grammy), and Andy named it “Manny.”  B man also loves this, and I think if I could see him in his crib that often he would be found talking to Manny about Dean Dog.  I love these pictures, because they pretty much capture him most mornings…in a diaper walking around with his friends until breakfast is ready.  Too cute!


More cousin time!

Another weekend with the Bruners…and we had so much fun!!  I am sad to report that I got very few pictures, due to the fact that I was chasing around the B man a lot of the time.  So here are just a few shots.  We had a blast playing outside, watching Aunt Hannah play volleyball (notice the strollers…the only ones in the arena, we were quite a scene!), going to a friends house, and just hanging out.  Brooks and Reese could not possibly be any cuter, and I understand now why they get stares and comments wherever they go.  We’re so thankful for their family and that we live close enough to them to do a weekend visit.

B man was so worn out from all the cousin time, and the slumber party of sleeping in the same room that he passed out on the car ride home, then slept last night from 6:30 pm to 10am this morning: 15.5 hours! Thanks Bruners for such a fun weekend.

A Few of my Current B Man Favorite Things

1.  His smile.  And the way just a glance at him, a funny face, or a good tickle makes him smile so big you’d think there is no way he could open his mouth any louder.

2.  The way he says “Dog” or “Dean Dog” constantly.  Sometimes, he will wake up and I’ll hear him on the monitor talking about Dean Dog in his crib.  Now, whenever we have been out and pull up to the house, he gets super excited and says “Dean Dog, Dean Dog” over and over followed by a quick dash to the back door to let her inside.  Our dream of the two of them becoming best friends has come true.

3.  Comments I get from the nursery.  It’s heart breaking walking away, and I have choked back tears a couple of times as I hear him screaming down the hall when I drop him off.  But, apparently he settles down OK and I get all kinds of interesting comments when I pick him up.  Some of my favorites have been: “He did great, as long as we kept giving him food!”, “He has quite the personality,”  He’s hilarious!”, and today’s comment: “Legos and Cheerios calmed him right down.”

4.  The way he LOVES his Dad.  I love it when Andy pulls up after work, and B man and Opal both race to the door screaming (or intensely wagging the tail).  The intensity of emotion at that moment is high, as Andy is a very popular man around here.  He is a Daddy’s boy.

5. B man’s love for the Outdoors.

6.  Reading books with him.  And the way he will now bring me a book, turn around and sit in my lap to be read to.  I can never get enough of this.  He will go through all his books until he finds his favorites which are currently: Brown Bear, Puppies and Kittens, Toes, Ears, & Noes, I Want to Go (a UGA book!) and a strange book called Sluggy Slug.

7.  Sneaking in his room and seeing his little butt popped up in the air while he sleeps.

8.  Comments about his love for eating.  People are amazed at the amount and rate at which he eats at.

9.  Music and Dancing.  As soon as the music starts playing, I get a little B man dancing and waving his arms in the kitchen or the car.  It seriously is the cutest thing ever.

10.  His love for people.  I love watching him be social, wave to people in the grocery store, the way his little body shouts out “Hey!”.  He makes friends wherever we go, especially with the old people, and it is delightful.

11.  Thinking about how much fun the B man is, and feeling my heart swell with joy thinking about having another one join our family.