More cousin time!

Another weekend with the Bruners…and we had so much fun!!  I am sad to report that I got very few pictures, due to the fact that I was chasing around the B man a lot of the time.  So here are just a few shots.  We had a blast playing outside, watching Aunt Hannah play volleyball (notice the strollers…the only ones in the arena, we were quite a scene!), going to a friends house, and just hanging out.  Brooks and Reese could not possibly be any cuter, and I understand now why they get stares and comments wherever they go.  We’re so thankful for their family and that we live close enough to them to do a weekend visit.

B man was so worn out from all the cousin time, and the slumber party of sleeping in the same room that he passed out on the car ride home, then slept last night from 6:30 pm to 10am this morning: 15.5 hours! Thanks Bruners for such a fun weekend.


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