It’s a Boy!

We found out today that baby # 2 is a boy, and we are so excited!  Our 20 week ultrasound was very positive, and as far as the doctor could tell, our baby is healthy and right on track in terms of growth.  We were fortunate to get some great profile pictures, and enjoyed seeing our little guy on the screen.  We thought it was funny that the ultrasound tech kept saying over and over how active our baby was, and we were seeing first hand (and feeling) him move all around the entire time.  So, come August we’re thinking we’re going to  have another wild and active boy to join the fun!  I know B man and Opal will be glad to have another playmate to cause choas around here!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

    • Sooo loving your little boy already!! You ARE going to be a busy mom! (I’m just thinking of how much fun that baby is going to be for B-man, and how he’ll have so much to teach him!!) Congratulations and so much love…

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