Copter Pool and Dirt Disaster

We’ve joked around here about how fearless and adventure-seeking B man seems to be, and that a lot of days keeping him safe and away from danger seems to be our goal.  Today, though, it seemed we did not accomplish this goal.  The first incident of the day occurred when B man pulled a glass container out of a pantry shelf that I didn’t know he could reach.  We cleaned up a bleeding cut on his foot with some peroxide and quickly bandaged him with no tears, and really no reaction at all.  The third incident occurred after trying to dunk his goldfish in Opal’s water bowl, while splashing some water on the floor.  Water on a tile floor equates to a slippery mess, and B man fell, hit his head, screamed for a minute, all the while not letting go of his fish.  He continued eating after recovering.

The second incident of the day is documented in pictures, and also demonstrates what could have been a disastrous parenting mistake: letting Opal dig a hole while covering the B man in dirt.  These pictures will show how a fun copter pool afternoon turned into a near catastrophe involving dirt:

Enjoying a popsicle in the pool:

And what popsicle isn’t better dipped in pool water:

Out of the pool, exploring in the back yard:

Found the dirt:

Opal decides to join:

The digging begins:

And this is what ended the fun:

I should have been smart enough to put down the camera and stop this before it happened, but I was too caught up in how cute they were playing together that I didn’t…and Opal did get dirt all in his face…and I caught in on camera.  What I didn’t get what the crying that immediately followed along with the eye bath and syringe we used to get the dirt out of his eyes and ears.  Needless to say, we felt pretty bad that it happened.  B man is a tough little guy and despite the incidents of the day, he played hard following each and didn’t seem to be the least bit affected.  I think we have one adventurous and tough little boy!


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