B man going to work

15, or almost 16 months has brought with it such a fun part of B man’s development.  He is starting to really imitate things he sees us do, and we have gotten some really good laughs out of it lately.  He’s also talking like crazy (although most of his words are still giberish), and will have full conversations with himself, us, and dean dog every day.

A couple of my favorite imitations lately have been: watching B man talking on the phone.  While driving in the car today, he had a full conversation with someone on his phone, including belly laughing, saying “yes”, and “dean dog” several times.  He’s also learned to “give kisses” to us before he goes to bed.  So, earlier this week I was getting him ready for a nap, and he walked up to Dean Dog and gave her a kiss right on the snout.  So cute!

The pictures below show him imitating Andy.  He sees Andy grab his work bag and head out the door in the morning, and last night, he decided it was time for him to go to work too.  So while we were still sitting at the dinner table, he got Andy’s bag and started pulling it towards the door while waving and saying “Bye, Bye Dad”, “Dad Bye,” over and over.  It was hilarious!


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