16 months and 27 weeks

Little guy #1:  B man is currently 16 months… what a fun, fun age.  I’m amazed every day by watching B man’s little brain absorb and understand new information and develop more into a toddler than our little baby.  He is so much fun and is fully on the go all the time.  16 months has brought with it a few new words: “bubbles”, “bath” (sounds more like aba-), “quack, quack” (says the ducky- he learned this quickly as we have a ton of ducks in our new neighborhood), “all done,” and “up, please” (sounds like upty).  He is running, which brings many more falls, and exploring all things that are on his level.  And some of his current favorite things are pushing things around the house- esp. one specific trash can, talking on the phone, being thrown around on the bed, and still playing in the back yard.  What a fun age!

Little guy #2: Our 2nd guy is currently 27 weeks and doing very well.  I’ve had no complications, thus far, and keep praying for that to be true the rest of the pregnancy.  He is moving around a ton, I’m scared to admit, even more than B man did!  So maybe B man will have someone just as active as he is to play with soon.  Besides being pretty hot most of the time, me and the little guy are doing just fine!


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