The Girls


So, we might have discovered our new favorite spot for a family adventure.  I’ve been shopping at the Boys Farmer’s market since we moved here, and have known that the Girls Country Store is right down the road from it.  However, I thought the Girls was just that: a country store.  We decided to check it out last week after a friend had told me they have some cool things out back, and found a tropical wonderland filled with animals, crazy fruit plants, fire trucks, and a whole land of strawberry and vegetable picking.  We had a blast and will definitely be heading back there soon.  Here are some pictures:

Hey B man, what do you think of the birds?:

This picture was taken as the talking bird was saying “Hey” to us:

We had never seen anything like this fruit before.  It’s called a Jackfruit and can grow to be up to 60 lbs:

B man was pretty fascinated by the turtles:

And on to pick some delicious strawberries:


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