B Man and the Dogs

I love it that B man has been around dogs his whole life.  We do a lot of talking about “doggies” around here, namely because Dean Dog was his first real word, and his current favorite book is titled “doggies” (thanks Riri for the book!).  He always notices dogs and wants to touch them, talk about them, etc… Sometimes though, it seems like he might think he is part dog.  And Opal Dean might think she is part human.

Just a few examples:

1.  B man often tries (and sometimes succeeds) in eating the dog food.  Opal Dean prefers human food.

2.  B man thoroughly enjoys climbing inside the dog cage and laying down.  Opal Dean prefers sleeping on our bed.

3.  B man sometimes tries to lap water like a dog from the bucket outside and also likes to drink from the hose.  Opal Dean hates the hose and runs away from it like it will harm her if she gets sprayed with water.

4.  They both stand at the window, fully enthusiastic, shaking their entire bodies back and forth when Andy comes home from work.  This might be the cutest thing ever.

B man (1 week old) and Dean Dog:

B man (5 months old) commanding the dog park at our old house:

B man (17 months old) telling Dean Dog and her friend Bella how he loves to ride his car:

B man climbing in Bella’s cage when she came to stay with us for a few days:

Anticipating Dad’s arrival:


One thought on “B Man and the Dogs

  1. Oh my gosh-so funny! Wrigley absolutely acts like a human, so I can relate to Opal Dean…but I can’t believe the ways Bradford acts like a dog!

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