Swim Lessons and a Visit with Riri


We have had an eventful week with B man starting some swim lessons, Andy being gone, and getting a quick visit with Riri.  B man loves the pool and water so much that we decided to do a few swim lessons this summer to teach him a few things, but mainly so the 2 of us could get some pool time with a few of our friends.  They have been really fun so far and B man is super cute in the water!

We were so glad to have Riri join us for the beginning of the week while Andy was gone for a youth trip.  We had a lot of fun going to the beach and hanging out together.  I know that B man already misses his “Riri” and we can’t wait to see her again soon!

Learning to kick his legs:

Sharing some crackers with Riri:

Eating a pear, or “appie” (as B man calls it) like a big boy:

Hanging out with Riri at the park:

Trying to get the last sips out of Riri’s drink:



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