B Man and Daddy


I know it’s a little late for a Father’s Day post, but I had to get these pictures up of B man and his Daddy reading books in his new tent.  Andy picked this tent out for him, and it has been the best $7 Ikea purchase we’ve ever made!  B man loves it!

To say that he loves his daddy is the biggest understatement I could make.  He is such a daddy’s boy!  And Andy is such an amazing dad to him.  I feel so thankful every day when Andy comes home from work, and I get to watch the excitement on B man’s face.  The two of them are usually quick to run out in the back yard to play with Opal Dean, and B man’s excitement level and energy peak to a whole new level when Dad walks in the door.  Our new favorite game is called, “Daddy, Dean Dog” and is played often around here.  Basically when we’re in the car and B man is upset, we alternate saying “Daddy” and “Dean Dog” until we get louder and louder and B man is literally cracking up.  Makes him happy every time.

I captured these pictures before B man went to bed on Father’s Day and I feel like it shows them so well…Andy in the tent with B man reading “Puppies.”  I couldn’t be more thankful for both of them, and know that adding another to this mix will only get more fun!


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