Thanks for everyone who has called and texted wondering about Andy.  I thought it might be a good idea to just post updates as we get them for those of you who are concerned.  He was admitted to the hospital yesterday after an infection in his toe spread and his foot became very swollen and painful.  We’re not sure what caused the infection, or how long he’s going to be in here…that will depend on what the dr’s can figure out.  He is on an IV of antibiotics and just went for an MRI.  We probably won’t know anything else until tomorrow when the dr. comes back through after looking at the results of the MRI.

He’s in pretty good spirits and not in a lot of pain, so mainly is just trying to wait and see what course of treatment needs to be taken.  Your prayers would be appreciated that the dr’s could figure out what is causing this infection so they can treat it appropriately, and for quick healing so he doesn’t have to be in the hospital much longer.  Thanks!


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