So, Andy has been diagnosed with having MRSA, a mutated form of Staph infection that is resistant to most antibiotic treatment.  When the dr’s put the isolation kit on the door and everybody started wearing gowns and gloves around him, we realized that this is a pretty serious thing we’re dealing with.  He is going to have a minor surgery in the morning at 9:30 to clean out the toe and infection, and then will be re-assessed.  They also started him on a really aggressive form of antibiotic that he will get for the remaining time in the hospital, and then most likely daily for a while out-patient until this thing is cleared up.  He got a pic-line inserted through his arm that goes to his heart where the drug will hopefully be dispersed throughout his body and do it’s work.  So, updated prayer requests are that the procedure in the morning goes well and that he responds well to this new medication.  He is in good spirits, just wanting to be out of the hospital as soon as possible.  Thanks!


One thought on “MRSA

  1. My goodness- so sorry for Andy. Praying for him to get out soon and the new meds to work. Wish I could be there to be his nurse- I’m sure he is already a favorite patient 🙂 We are thinking about you guys!

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