We were so excited to get the news that Andy was going to come home today.  We were able to get him from the hospital this afternoon, which was only a little challenging since it was basically monsoon-like raining outside and he is not allowed to get his foot or his arm wet.  But we made it.  He met with 3 doctors today, a general doctor, podiatrist, and infectious disease control who all gave him the go-ahead to exit isolation and re-join the world.  We have home health care set up for the next 10 days, which will consist of daily anti-biotic treatments through his pic-line and every other day wound care for his toe.

What a crazy week it has been!  We have a lot to be thankful for today, and feel very blessed by the many people who served us so well this week.  I couldn’t have gotten through the week without Sarah and the amazing way she came down to help us out.  I really feel at a loss for words as to how to thank her. What fun it was to spend time with her and her kids during a stressful week.  And for everyone who called, texted, prayed for us, and checked up on Andy throughout the week, we are so thankful and feel blessed by you.

It will still be a process to get him well, and he will still need people praying that the infection is healed completely.  But for now, we’re just so glad to have him home!


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