What 36.5 weeks looks like…


1.  Adding a few touches to B man’s room to transform it into the room he will eventually share with his brother (thanks to my great friend, Christine, we could add this sign to go with B man’s):

2.  Recovering the dining room chairs.  The one on the right is the new version, just in case there was any question about that.  Thanks to my friend, Katrina, who came up with the vision for colors and gave me all the fabric to do this project!

3.  Baking some yummy treats and trying to stock up the freezer with some go-to meals for us after the baby is born.

4.  Picking out Charlie’s going-home outfit and getting really excited about envisioning him in it:

5.  Talking with B man a lot about the “baby” that he now thinks lives in pretty much everyone’s tummy, including his own.

6.  Trying to stay cool, which means mainly remaining inside in the air conditioning, and even then…it’s a tough one to accomplish.

7.  Enjoying these last few weeks of being able to give B man so much one on one attention, and realizing that he is the only one of our children who will have had so much of mom and dad’s (and Opal Dean’s) focus for the first year-and-a-half of his life.

8.  Loving being able to feel baby limbs, feet, and hands move around inside of me and longing to be holding this little body soon in my arms and not my belly.

We’re excited and feel ready to welcome this new little one into our home.  We’ll see how many more weeks it will be until he joins us!


Plan Blueberries

To say that B man loves blueberries is a huge understatement.  If we have them in the house, they have to be hidden until the end of his meal or he will refuse to eat anything else, and truly, if allowed, I think he might eat them until his stomach exploded.  Because of his current love relationship with this fruit, and his also short attention span to sit at the table, we have come up with plan blueberries: if we need him to sit for a while, or just want to enjoy him at the table instead of having to make sure he’s not getting into trouble elsewhere…give him a bowl of blueberries and all is well.

These pictures were taken when the plan was in action, and you can tell, he was pretty excited about the decision.


Endless Fun


We were so excited to be able to spend a few more days with Sarah, Stephen, and the twins this past week while Andy went to Atlanta for a youth group trip.  B man really loves his cousins and his Aunt “Ra-Ra” as he has been calling her.  These 3 kept me laughing the whole time:

Enjoying a snack:

Boys posing for the camera:

Reese posing for the camera (think there’s a difference here between boys and girls?):

Boys wresting:

Jumping on the couch is so much fun:

And so is snuggle time with Aunt Sarah:

Thanks Brunertown for a great visit.  We love you guys!

18 months

B man at 18 months:

B man at 18 months is so much fun!  He truly is hilarious and makes us laugh all the time.  Some of his current favorite things are playing in his tent, reading his books, running at a full sprint with his arms flailing everywhere he goes, and of course, eating.  He has so much energy, and really is talking all the time.  It is so cute to watch him learn new words and figure out appropriate times to use them.  Our favorite thing he does right now is announce “Bye-bye” every time he is leaving the room, or anyone else is leaving.  He had us cracking up the other day when he said “bye-bye” to everyone we saw as we were leaving church.

His favorite outfit is to be in just a diaper (or naked) with his shoes always on.  He is currently obsessed with a certain pair of green shoes that really are too small.  He also has gotten a little quirky about the foods that he eats and the form that they come in.  For example, he wants his food in its whole form, not cut up.  He does not really like leftover, but will typically eat a food when it’s fresh.  He also would live off of blueberries, yogurt, Ritz crackers, and cheese slices if we let him.

There are some new challenges with 18 months, but the joys are many as we watch him grow and learn new things every day.  What a fun year-and-a-half it has been!

What 34 Weeks looks like:


1.  Officially naming our next son: Charles Daniel Nelson.  Charles, because it sounds distinguished and goes well with Bradford, so if they ever want to be tag-team business partners they will have very professional sounding names together, and Daniel, because it is my Grandfather’s name who passed away last year who we loved very much.  We have been alternating between “Charlie” and “Chaz” for nick-names, so we’ll see what he looks like and then decide which one suits him best.

2.  Nesting by wanting to re-organize, re-do, and for some reason, paint everything in sight:

Table in progress:

Paint samples for all of the walls we are envisioning painting:

3.  Hanging and moving around things already hung on the walls.  Our current project (to which we will add some pictures):

4.  Buying fabrics, looking at fabrics, and wanting to figure out how to make pillows and curtains or anything else that I could make:

5.  Vacuuming as thoroughly and as often as possible, which turns out to be pretty difficult since B man is terrified of the vacuum and will run into his tent to hide with his blanket screaming and crying if he even sees it:

6.  Also being really hot, always having every fan in the house on, feeling like this belly can’t get any larger, talking with B man about the “baby” coming, and overall, getting really excited about his birth and dreaming about what he will look like, what his little personality will be, and how life with 2 kids is going to change us as a family.

6 more weeks to go!

MRSA Update

After a week of feeling like we had a home pharmacy…

…the MRSA infection is finally under control.  Andy’s foot is looking a lot better, and is finally back to its normal size and color.  The toe is still healing from where he had the surgery, but he is able to walk on it without much pain which is great.  Today, he had a great doctor’s apt., and was taken off the really intense anti-biotic that was making him feel pretty sick.  The pic-line came out, so he will just be on oral antibiotics for another week and then hopefully this whole ordeal will be behind him.

We are still amazed that a hurt toe turned into such a big deal, but are thankful that the infection is healing and that he is finally going to be feeling better.  Thanks for all your prayers and support over the past couple of weeks!