3 Little Munchkins and Aunt Sarah


I think one of the saddest moments for me and for Bradford of the week might have been when the Bruners left.  Bradford had so much fun with his cousins and Aunt Sarah that he cried hard, really hard, when they left.  Let me just say that what she did this past week was no easy task.  The 3 of these guys are full-energy, on-the-go, wild, crazy, and seriously never stop moving.  They are so much fun, but they are a handful.  And Sarah is pregnant…wow!  I was so impressed with how she served us with such enthusiasm and energy, and felt so blessed to be around her this week.  She was able to bring joy, laughter, and a lot of fun to an otherwise difficult week.  Here are just a few pictures of the kids, and I’m not really sure why but in all the pictures I took, none of them are wearing clothes!

We love you guys and miss you!  Thanks for all you did for us this past week.


2 thoughts on “3 Little Munchkins and Aunt Sarah

  1. Great pics Em…you were able to fully capture the chaos…impressive.

    Seriously, where are those babies’ clothes? Come on, Aunt Sarah!

    Thanks so much for your kind and sweet words. I’m so glad you’re only 3 hours away!

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