What 34 Weeks looks like:


1.  Officially naming our next son: Charles Daniel Nelson.  Charles, because it sounds distinguished and goes well with Bradford, so if they ever want to be tag-team business partners they will have very professional sounding names together, and Daniel, because it is my Grandfather’s name who passed away last year who we loved very much.  We have been alternating between “Charlie” and “Chaz” for nick-names, so we’ll see what he looks like and then decide which one suits him best.

2.  Nesting by wanting to re-organize, re-do, and for some reason, paint everything in sight:

Table in progress:

Paint samples for all of the walls we are envisioning painting:

3.  Hanging and moving around things already hung on the walls.  Our current project (to which we will add some pictures):

4.  Buying fabrics, looking at fabrics, and wanting to figure out how to make pillows and curtains or anything else that I could make:

5.  Vacuuming as thoroughly and as often as possible, which turns out to be pretty difficult since B man is terrified of the vacuum and will run into his tent to hide with his blanket screaming and crying if he even sees it:

6.  Also being really hot, always having every fan in the house on, feeling like this belly can’t get any larger, talking with B man about the “baby” coming, and overall, getting really excited about his birth and dreaming about what he will look like, what his little personality will be, and how life with 2 kids is going to change us as a family.

6 more weeks to go!


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