18 months

B man at 18 months:

B man at 18 months is so much fun!  He truly is hilarious and makes us laugh all the time.  Some of his current favorite things are playing in his tent, reading his books, running at a full sprint with his arms flailing everywhere he goes, and of course, eating.  He has so much energy, and really is talking all the time.  It is so cute to watch him learn new words and figure out appropriate times to use them.  Our favorite thing he does right now is announce “Bye-bye” every time he is leaving the room, or anyone else is leaving.  He had us cracking up the other day when he said “bye-bye” to everyone we saw as we were leaving church.

His favorite outfit is to be in just a diaper (or naked) with his shoes always on.  He is currently obsessed with a certain pair of green shoes that really are too small.  He also has gotten a little quirky about the foods that he eats and the form that they come in.  For example, he wants his food in its whole form, not cut up.  He does not really like leftover, but will typically eat a food when it’s fresh.  He also would live off of blueberries, yogurt, Ritz crackers, and cheese slices if we let him.

There are some new challenges with 18 months, but the joys are many as we watch him grow and learn new things every day.  What a fun year-and-a-half it has been!


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