Plan Blueberries

To say that B man loves blueberries is a huge understatement.  If we have them in the house, they have to be hidden until the end of his meal or he will refuse to eat anything else, and truly, if allowed, I think he might eat them until his stomach exploded.  Because of his current love relationship with this fruit, and his also short attention span to sit at the table, we have come up with plan blueberries: if we need him to sit for a while, or just want to enjoy him at the table instead of having to make sure he’s not getting into trouble elsewhere…give him a bowl of blueberries and all is well.

These pictures were taken when the plan was in action, and you can tell, he was pretty excited about the decision.



5 thoughts on “Plan Blueberries

  1. Very cute! We’ve been working on making Erik stay at the table until everyone is finished at every meal (exhausting, btw), and fruit bribery has played a key role in this training 🙂

  2. Hi Emily- I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I love it! Mainly because our boys are either dressed the same or doing the same silly things in every post 🙂 Hope growing your little man #2 is going well– we just brought ours home not too long ago and for us, going from 1 to 2, was much easier than adjusting to the first. It’s really fun!!

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