What 36.5 weeks looks like…


1.  Adding a few touches to B man’s room to transform it into the room he will eventually share with his brother (thanks to my great friend, Christine, we could add this sign to go with B man’s):

2.  Recovering the dining room chairs.  The one on the right is the new version, just in case there was any question about that.  Thanks to my friend, Katrina, who came up with the vision for colors and gave me all the fabric to do this project!

3.  Baking some yummy treats and trying to stock up the freezer with some go-to meals for us after the baby is born.

4.  Picking out Charlie’s going-home outfit and getting really excited about envisioning him in it:

5.  Talking with B man a lot about the “baby” that he now thinks lives in pretty much everyone’s tummy, including his own.

6.  Trying to stay cool, which means mainly remaining inside in the air conditioning, and even then…it’s a tough one to accomplish.

7.  Enjoying these last few weeks of being able to give B man so much one on one attention, and realizing that he is the only one of our children who will have had so much of mom and dad’s (and Opal Dean’s) focus for the first year-and-a-half of his life.

8.  Loving being able to feel baby limbs, feet, and hands move around inside of me and longing to be holding this little body soon in my arms and not my belly.

We’re excited and feel ready to welcome this new little one into our home.  We’ll see how many more weeks it will be until he joins us!



3 thoughts on “What 36.5 weeks looks like…

  1. Emily! Our Jack wore the same outfit home! I’m so serious- we must shop at the same places- our boys have the same clothes, eat the same food, do the same things AND love blueberries more than anything. Someday, they’ll have to meet each other!

  2. Emily!

    I love those TWO little boys so much already! (Of course can’t imagine how much you must be bursting with love for them both!) So many prayers and good thoughts. You are a treasure to me.

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