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Sarah’s Photo Shoot

If you are a Brunertown reader it shouldn’t surprise you that Sarah likes to take pictures.  During her visit we took every opportunity to do some family photo shoots.  These are the faves:

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The Name

After getting several questions from some confused people, I knew it was time to do a blog post about little Chaz’s name.  For those of you who have been around us or following this blog, you know, we pretty much had landed on Charlie.  3 weeks ago, if you asked me his name, it was Charlie.  Then, I lived the last 3 weeks of that pregnancy and let me describe what was happening…. the little guy inside was active pretty much the whole pregnancy, but he kicked it up a notch.  Every night when I laid down to sleep, he would start doing what we termed his nightly acrobatics.  Not only could we feel crazy movements, but you could literally see body parts sticking out the side of my stomach and moving all around.

Because of this, Andy started calling him the Chazmanian Devil, after the Tazmanian devil (for those of you who never watched Bugs Bunny, this was the character that ran around like crazy.)  So, the nick-name sort of stuck and he became Chaz.  We still went back and forth for a while, and were not ready to lock-in the name, but then labor hit.  Overall, the labor/delivery situation was a very smooth and wonderful situation.  However, Chaz surprised us all when he decided to come out when he did.  After being in labor for about 17 hours and not really progressing much, the dr. had determined that this much just be a long, slow labor.  She left the hospital at 1:45 pm, with promises to return around 4:30 or 5 pm to re-assess and see where we were.  Well, at about 2:45, Chaz decided it was time to come and surprised us all with his speedy delivery (including the dr. who was rushing back to the hospital to catch the baby.)  In the moment of realizing he was about to come on out, I looked at Andy and said “I think his name is Chaz.”  I guess I felt like the Chazmanian devil was fitting in that moment and that only Chaz would direct the day to have done like it did.

So, there is the story of how Charlie transformed into Chaz.  It’s funny, because in his first 5 days of life, he has been such a sweet, relaxed and calm newborn…not the squirmy, active little guy he was inside.  He’s doing great though and we are loving getting to know him as little Chaz.


We’re having a great time, and the transition to home has been awesome.  Little Chaz is doing wonderful, and B man is handling the new addition to the family very well.  Aunt Sarah came into town last night and has captured some awesome pictures for us.  Check out Twinsville at for a sneak peak.  We’ll post some more later.

Bradford, meet Chaz

The two men have met and so far it has been really good.  They are already best friends! Bman has not attacked or terrorized his little brother yet and Chaz has responded with love despite loud screams and noises.

Bradford has stopped by twice now and we have captured a few pictures of their time together.

The first couple of moments together:

Some shots from the first visit:

Bradford returns a second time:

Yes, Emily did just deliver a baby yesterday.  Her and Chaz are doing so well!  Chaz has been a dream baby (he slept in the nursery last night so we are just assuming he didn’t make a peep all night) and Emily is feeling great and recovering quickly.

We are very blessed.

Charles “Chaz” Daniel Nelson

Chaz has arrived!

Em was an absolute rock star and pushed him out at 3:26 pm in only a few pushes.  He is 7lbs 2 oz, 20 inches long, and has awesome blond hair.  We are so excited and Bradford has already gotten a chance to come by and meet his little brother.

Here are a few of the pictures of our little guy:

Pregnant Beauty Arrives

First Moments

7 lbs 2 oz

These two bonded quickly

Father and Son

Happy Boy

Ridiculous Cute

Blond Hair

The Whole Fam