B Man’s Language….Interpreted

“P” = Please

“Wawa” = water

“Nack” = snack

“Sshh” = either shoe, or show depending on “if he’s pointing to his shoes or the TV

“Aden” = Again

“Idno” = I don’t know

“Sanx” = Thanks

“Titty” = Kitty [ Side note: This one is pretty funny when other people don’t know what he’s talking about.  Esp. when you take him to a place called “The House of Cats,” which is a story in itself, and he walks around the whole time pointing and saying very loudly, “titty, titty, titty” at all of the cats!]

“Bebe” = Baby

“Upie” = Up Please

“Jumpa, jumpa, jumpa, jumpa” = Jumping

“Nonny” = No idea what this means

“Bobby” = He has said this for a while, and we still don’t know who bobby is.

“Ashie” = His best friend, Asher

“Apie” = Apple

“Abaa” = Bath

“Gar” = Car

“RPane” = Airplane

“Num-my” = Yummy

“Ott” = Hot

“Elp” = Help


4 thoughts on “B Man’s Language….Interpreted

  1. I love this post! Especially thinking about all the mystery words Erik would say that took SO many months to figure out what he was talking about! Bobby is definitely my fav 😉 hope you’re doing great!

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