So Thankful

Last weekend, we were so excited to have a shower thrown for our new little guy by the Baxter family.  We have been so blessed by this family!  Jennifer works with Andy and does so much for the youth group.  Her two daughters are just AWESOME!.  Victoria, also works with Andy and has been such a huge addition to the student ministry as the summer intern.  And Jacqueline is a great leader in the youth group, as well as our beloved babysitter who Bradford adores!  We are going to really miss these girls when they leave for college in just a couple of days.  It was really fun to get some new clothes and things for the new baby, and to feel so loved and supported by our friends who came to celebrate with us.  The Baxters also are famous for putting on the most terrific and beautiful parties.  Jennifer’s creativity always amazes me, and the party was complete with lots of delicious foods (all labeled), really cute decorations, and great company.  I wish I had taken more pictures to document, but I did take this one….thank you Baxter family!!  We love you guys!


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