39 Weeks

We are one week away from my due date, and the anticipation around here is high!  It’s been a fun few days here as we waited for my parents to get here and did some last minute preparations around the house to get ready for this new little guy.  B man was really excited, as were we all, when Riri and Pop got into town and we have been having a lot of fun just hanging out with them and enjoying the last few days of showering B man with tons of attention before he has to share it!  Because of some technical difficulties, my pictures currently won’t upload, but I will post some later of B man with his grandparents.

It really feels like baby Chaz is going to come any day, but he keeps hanging in there!  We’ve had a few stretches where contractions have become regular and it seems like we’ll be heading to the hospital, only for them to stop soon after and for the excitement to die down.  So the guess is out for when his birthday will be….we’ll keep you posted.


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