These aren’t great pictures, but it has proved to be a little difficult to get the 2 of them in a picture together right now.  B man just won’t stop moving and Chaz, well, he can’t do a whole lot on his own right now and whenever he is laying down next to a very active B man, they need full supervision to make sure that the little guy does not get hurt by his big brother.  B man has generally been very sweet and cute with his brother, but he just does not have very good coordination and will often almost fall on his head or try to dive on top of him to play…so if I’m distracted by the camera, it could not be good.


They really are so cute together.  B man often talks and asks about the “baby.”  We have been trying to teach him to call him Chaz, but he insists that he is just the “baby.”  He has tried to share with him, put the pacifier in his mouth when he’s crying, help bounce him in his seat (which needs supervision for sure, or the bouncing can get a little out of control), and always asks to for him when we are saying goodnight prayers.  I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship grows and develops, but for now we’re just enjoying the sweetness of these 2 boys.








A Growing Boy and a Wild Man

Here is Chaz at 5 weeks, wearing a 3 month outfit that used to be Andy’s!  He is super cute and such an easy baby.  We joke about him having old man hair, which you can see in the last picture…his hair line starts pretty much at the back of his head.  It’s hilarious.  I included a picture of B man, who has seriously gone wild!  He loves to run around, be loud, and climb everything.  The couches, changing table, windows, and crib are his current favorite climbing adventures.

Family Beach Trip

We loaded up the wagon and headed down to the beach:

Chaz enjoyed the experience by sleeping in the Moby:

The Set-up on the beach did include an igloo tent:

Daddy and B Man had a great time running around on the sand and checking out the water:

1 Month Old

How has it already been a month?  Chaz turned 1 month old yesterday.  Some days it feels like he was born last week, although his size makes him feel like he’s already 3 months old.  He might be trying to compete with B man in terms of weight gain.  He is measuring in at about 12 lbs., which puts him at gaining about 1 lb. per week since birth.  He’s developed some super cute and chubby cheeks, and his little double chin reminds me so much of B man at this age.  He’s doing really well, and has been a really sweet baby.  We celebrated his 1st month day by taking a family trip to the beach, Chaz’s first beach outing.  He slept through the whole thing, but B man seemed to have enough fun for the 2 of them.

When Gigi came to visit, she brought some of Andy’s baby clothes with her for Chaz.  We’ve had so much fun putting him in the clothes.  Here are a couple of pictures of him in Andy’s outfit that he wore home from the hospital.  Happy 1 Month Chaz Man!


The Combing Ritual

One of my favorite things in having kids is watching Andy parent, and seeing the little things he does to bond with the boys.  A while back, he decided that Bradford needed to have his hair combed after taking a bath, and this has become part of the nightly routine that we do not miss.  B man gets his bath, usually runs around naked for a few minutes (while we try to wrestle him to put on a diaper before he pees on the floor), and then Andy combs his hair.  It was so fun when Chaz got his hair combed for the first time and joined in with Daddy and B man.  These boys are so cute and they love their daddy!

Chaz loves taking a bath:

Getting combed:

All better and looking sharp:

B Man’s turn.  This is a little more of a wrestling match.  The boy cannot sit still!:


Visit with Aunt L

It was so much fun, and a little bittersweet, to spend the last weekend with my mom, dad, and sister.  We had so much fun, but it also marked the end of our time with family for right now.  We’re already missing them!  Aunt “L” or Elizabeth and my dad both flew in for the weekend, and she got to meet the Chaz man for the first time.  We had a blast, and it was just so great to get some time together.  B man quickly bonded with “Elllll” as he says it, and Opal Dean appreciated the attention she got too!

(love how Pop is eyeing the GA game in this picture!)