Happy Birthday Twins!


We were so excited to get in the car and be able to go to the twins B-day party this year.  I can’t believe these guys are already 2!  We have loved being only 3 hours away, and have had so much fun being able to get with the Bruners several times lately.  B man was so cute when we told him we were going to see the twins, he walked around the house all morning saying “Reese, Broo, Reese…”  Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Andy jumping in the Bunting project:

B Man shoving food in his face.  I think he ate a total of 5 donuts (including the cake topper off of Brooks’ B-day donut) and tons of watermelon…he might have enjoyed the food the most out of anyone at the party.

Climbing adventures.  This boy loves to climb…everything!:

The B-Day Twins:

B Man loved playing in the water with his cousins and their friends:

Chaz enjoyed the party by sleeping on Daddy:



One thought on “Happy Birthday Twins!

  1. sweet pics…I just love B eating all those donuts…miss you guys around here…so quiet without Andy begging to sew more bunting and Bradford not bouncing off the walls with the B&R….

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