The Boys and Riri


We were so fortunate to have Riri come down and stay in Florida for a whole month!  Chaz timed his birth perfectly…he was born 3 days after she and Pop arrived in Florida.  That meant that Riri got to be down here for almost the entire first month of his life.  We loved, so so much, having different family members come into town, and appreciate everyone who helped us transition to having a new baby.  It was such a blessing though having Riri in town for so long and could not be more thankful for all that she did for us while she was here.  She cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, played a lot, sang tons of songs with B man, rocked and snuggled with baby Chaz, laughed with us, and provided much needed support and encouragement during this time.  B man LOVED having Riri around, and has already been asking about her a ton since she left.  Here are just a few of the many pictures captured with Riri during her stay:

The view from the place she stayed at.  We spent a lot of time swimming in the pool and enjoying the beautiful view!

Snuggling with baby Chaz:

B man loved swimming and doing bubbles with Riri:

Pop and Riri with both boys.  It was so fun to have Pop come back down for the weekends to hang out with us:

The boys and their Riri:



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