1 Month Old

How has it already been a month?  Chaz turned 1 month old yesterday.  Some days it feels like he was born last week, although his size makes him feel like he’s already 3 months old.  He might be trying to compete with B man in terms of weight gain.  He is measuring in at about 12 lbs., which puts him at gaining about 1 lb. per week since birth.  He’s developed some super cute and chubby cheeks, and his little double chin reminds me so much of B man at this age.  He’s doing really well, and has been a really sweet baby.  We celebrated his 1st month day by taking a family trip to the beach, Chaz’s first beach outing.  He slept through the whole thing, but B man seemed to have enough fun for the 2 of them.

When Gigi came to visit, she brought some of Andy’s baby clothes with her for Chaz.  We’ve had so much fun putting him in the clothes.  Here are a couple of pictures of him in Andy’s outfit that he wore home from the hospital.  Happy 1 Month Chaz Man!



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