These aren’t great pictures, but it has proved to be a little difficult to get the 2 of them in a picture together right now.  B man just won’t stop moving and Chaz, well, he can’t do a whole lot on his own right now and whenever he is laying down next to a very active B man, they need full supervision to make sure that the little guy does not get hurt by his big brother.  B man has generally been very sweet and cute with his brother, but he just does not have very good coordination and will often almost fall on his head or try to dive on top of him to play…so if I’m distracted by the camera, it could not be good.


They really are so cute together.  B man often talks and asks about the “baby.”  We have been trying to teach him to call him Chaz, but he insists that he is just the “baby.”  He has tried to share with him, put the pacifier in his mouth when he’s crying, help bounce him in his seat (which needs supervision for sure, or the bouncing can get a little out of control), and always asks to for him when we are saying goodnight prayers.  I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship grows and develops, but for now we’re just enjoying the sweetness of these 2 boys.









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