Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch this past weekend could not have been more fun or refreshing for us as a family.  Last week felt a little intense for us.  The kids and I were in a car accident on Thursday, which thankfully, no one was injured and the damage really wasn’t that bad.  It was just plain scary more than anything to have 2 little ones in the car when something like that happens.  Friday came, and we wanted to do something fun with the kids, but the car battery died…not fun.  So, change of plans, we decided to wait until Saturday and head to the pumpkin patch.  It was such a beautiful morning, and so fun to be out just doing something seasonal, light-hearted, and fun together.  B man got to pick out a couple of pumpkins, ring a  big bell, and we all got to enjoy the fun of being together.  It made me so thankful that we have 2 healthy kids, and a God who watches over us and protects us.  Plus, I love the holidays and the way the pumpkins add a little festive decor to our home!


How cute are they?

I cannot get enough of watching these 2 boys interact with each other!  They really have the power to melt my heart like nothing else can.  B man loves to get in Chaz’s face, and Chaz loves to smile at him.  I know they are my sons, so I’m biased, but they really are just the cutest.

Snuggle Time with Daddy

I thought it was pretty funny the other day when I rounded the corner to Andy passed out asleep on the couch during Bradford’s viewing of Sesame Street.  It was super cute when B man decided to get some afternoon snuggle time with Daddy on the couch.  He very very rarely sits still, meaning he hardly ever snuggles, so this was a moment worth recording:




2 months old

2 Month Stats comparison:

B Man (at 2 months): 13 lbs., 21 3/4 inches long

Chaz (at 2 months): 13 lbs & 13 ounces, 24 inches long

It’s crazy to me that our babies seem to get so big, so fast!  And also crazy that Chaz is bigger, and way longer than B man was at 2 months.  They are both doing really well and growing like crazy.  We’re having so much fun having the 2, and watching them interacting with each other.  Here are a few pictures of a really sweet moment.  B man loved having baby Chaz in the crib with him:

Sit on your bottom, Opal Dean!

Here is Opal Dean, the founder of our blog and Bradford’s best friend.  We have loved watching their relationship grow, and seeing how much B man loves to play and interact with his “Dean Dog.”  He has recently learned to throw her the ball in the back yard.  Although it doesn’t make it far, it’s still pretty cute.  He likes to include Opal while we pray, and calls her to the table before meals to pray with us.  When this started, we would bring Opal to the table and command her to “sit.”  I guess B man quickly picked up on this.

The only problem is that his “s” sound in this particular word comes out clearly as “sh.”  You can figure out what the word sounds like.  A couple of days ago, I was eating lunch with B man and hear him repeatedly saying this term at the table.  My heart jumps as I hear this rather innapropriate word come out of the mouth of our 20 month old child.  I start reviewing in my mind, thinking that I am certain he couldn’t have heard this term used and be repeating it, right?  He only watches sesame street on TV and goes on outings to other toddlers houses and church…what is going on?  After a short panic, I see Opal emerging from under the table and going to sit next to B man, and I quickly realize what he is trying to say…ha!  So now, the challenge is what to do.  This morning at the breakfast table, he probably said it 20 times trying to get her to sit.  We discussed a game plan, and decided to change our command temporarily to just “on your bottom” for Opal until B man can learn how to correctly say “Sit.”  So, if you come to my house wondering why we are telling our dog to “on your bottom” or why our child is commanding her otherwise, there is the explanation.

Opal and B Man "On their bottoming"