Bedtime Stories


So, I told B man that he could pick out a couple of stories to take to bed with him so he could “read” before he fell asleep.  I then proceeded to do a couple of things in the kitchen, and came into B man’s room a few minutes later to find this:

He decided to empty almost his entire bookshelf into his bed!  And you can tell, he was very proud of himself.  I guess he was listening, and decided that he needed to do some extra reading before falling asleep!









2 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories

  1. Emily, your blog is so great. You look wonderful! Chaz is adorable, what ever you are eating is doing the trick, the little guy is healthy as can be. Bradford is too cute and looks like he’s enjoying his little brother, that’s great :~) I am excited to meet ya’lls new little guy before too long. Tell Andy hello for us, take good care.
    love, Hannah

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