We had so much fun spending time with all the cousins on our trip!  We also got to be in town when 2 new cousins were born, which was just awesome.  The newest Dowling, Mae Grace, was born last Wed. and she is just beautiful.  We were so excited to be there since we’ve never been close when the other Dowling babies were born.  It was  a really special experience going through the day with Emily and getting to hold Mae when she was not even a day old.

Olivia Rockett Rose Herron was born 3 days later on Saturday.  This is Bradford and Chaz’s first cousin on the Herron side of the family, and my brother’s first baby so it is super exciting.  We weren’t able to meet her on our trip, but the pictures of her are so cute!  We hear she has tons of hair, and that she came out like a Rockett, so fast that she was born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  Adam and Hannah are doing well, and we just can’t wait to meet our new niece next time we’re in town.

Bradford loved being with his cousins, and we had fun introducing Chaz to them too.   Each of these children is so unique and different.  They are all such a blessing to us, and I love these moments that we get together when they are still so small.

Boys learning from Bo about the piano:


Bradford and Jack.  These 2 were really cute playing together:

Ella meets Chaz.  I love this picture, and have a very similar one of her with Bradford the first time she met him.  She is so sweet with babies and loves to help out with the little ones:

Andy with sweet Sadie and Bradford:

Picnic at the park with the Dowlings:

Bradford loves Reese.  When I ask him who his cousins are, he just says “Reese, Reese,”  It is seriously cute:

Brooks and Bradford exploring the leaves:
Hanging out with the Dowlings while Emily and Jason headed to the hospital to have Mae:Mae Grace Dowling:We’re already looking forward to our next trip when we get to be with all these awesome cousins again!


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