Enjoying the Fall

It might be an understatement to say how much we loved the fall weather!  We are about to enter into the time of year when South Florida is just beautiful and it’s so wonderful to escape the cold when we still have warm days…but it has still been hot and it was so, so refreshing to be in the cooler weather for just a few days.  There are a lot of things I love about Florida, but I find myself missing Georgia, especially during certain times of the year…mainly the fall.  I love those few weeks when the weather cools off, but it’s not too cold to be outside.  I love pumpkin bread, and hot chocolate, and bundling up by the fire.  I really love the fall holidays and all the nostalgic feelings that come along with pumpkins, fall decorations, the leaves changing, and family being around.  So, it seemed like we happened to time this trip so that we were there when the weather was pretty much perfect, and the leaves were turning, falling, and creating the perfect fall landscape.  I loved it!

Bradford was very curious and enjoyed exploring outside where he got to play with acorns, pinecones, and leaves.  We enjoyed taking the boys on a nature hike and taking some fall pictures.

Collecting acorns and playing games with Daddy:
Wheelbarrow rides were so much fun:
Yummy!!Matching Elmos:What’s this thing?:Fall Photo Shoot:Shaking trees to watch the leaves fall.  Bradford loved this:Pop worked really hard to get this fire pit build before we got there.  We had a great time bundling up and sitting by the fire at night.  B man got to roast his first marshmallow, which I think he thoroughly enjoyed.
N ow we’re back to sunny South Florida.  I’ll miss the fall, but I can’t say I minded that it was 80 degrees today though.  We played outside almost all day.  B man swam in his pool and ran around with just a diaper on in the back yard…makes me glad we got to get a week of cooler weather, but now we’re back home where it’s hot and sunny and we can play outside all day long!


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