A Little of what we’ve been up to in the past couple of weeks…

While I painted the room Chaz has been sleeping in, we moved him into B man’s room to see how they would do together.  We decided we would give it a week, and after a few early mornings with both boys, we made it 4 nights and re-separated them for now.  B man did seem to enjoy the slumber party and getting to wear matching P.J.’s with his brother:

B man got to do his own painting project and work on painting his stool.  He quickly turned the project into finger painting, then feet painting:

Chaz has graduated to the table, and if he’s awake has started joining us for dinner:

We’ve been talking a lot about thankfulness, and B man enjoyed making and especially shaking our thankfulness rings we made:Chaz turned 3 months old yesterday, and has been doing a lot more smiling, starting to do a little laughing, and is sitting up with support and holding his head up a lot better.  He’s such a sweet baby and is growing so fast:After a long up-all-night youth group event, Andy enjoyed a good nap with the little guy on the couch:And while our floors got ripped up and re-done, we made a quick trip to hang out with the cousins in Orlando.  These 3 were super cute and had so much fun together:


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