B Man’s language, interpreted, part 2…

B man is truly a walking, talking, ball of fun…most of the time.  He truly wakes up talking and doesn’t stop until he goes to bed.  It’s really fascinating to hear him already putting concepts together and remembering things, and then finding the words to tell us about it.  Most everything he says in sentences, I still have no idea how to interpret.  However, a lot of his 1 or 2 word phrases are becomming pretty clear and it’s so cute.  Here is a current run-down of some of our favorite words:

“Potting” = potty

“Beats” = feet

“Moi” = More

“Endeeeee” = windy

“Dumpy, dumpy, dumpy” = jumpy, jumpy, jumpy

“Sattty” = Saturday

“E-Esta!” = Fiesta

“Poon” = spoon

“Tweet” = treat

“Coooookie” = cookie

“Rain” = rain, reindeer, or raisins

“ishies”” = fishies

“Comb, Hymn, Night night” = nightly routine

“Teets” = Teeth

“Twee” = tree

We are also noticing he seems to remember people and their names really easily.  We will meet someone once and he will talk about that person and tell me what they were doing the last time we saw them.  Chaz is still just “Baby” to him and no matter how much I try to get him to say Chaz, he just won’t do it.




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