Happy Birthday Bradford!

I can’t believe this boy is already 2!  We’ve had a great day celebrating B Man so far, and I think he is relishing the excitement surrounding his birthday, or his “baconed” as he has been calling it.  B Man is so full of life every day, and lives with so much passion, excitement, and speed that it is truly difficult to keep up with him.  Sometimes, you just need to sit back, observe, and laugh at what a funny child he truly is.  He seriously makes us laugh every day, and is such a delight.

Some of B man’s current favorite things are of course, blueberries, tie shirts, Elmo, slides (especially big ones he can conquer), his cousins, friends, and running “fast” outside.  If you ask him who is best friend is, he most often says “Daddy.”  He is talking a ton, and has mastered the sentence, “I want some,” which is quite hilarious depending on what he is asking for.  He is creative, funny, musical, loud, outgoing, and always seems to be the life of the party around here.  It is a blast hanging out with him, and we are just so thankful for his happy, healthy 2 years of life.  So, Happy Birthday to our growing B man.  Here are a few current favorite pics:


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