Our week with 4

We had so much fun with our “cunnis” here as Bradford kept calling the cousins, Brooks & Reese.  Our house feels surprisingly calm with just 2 now, and I find myself missing their sweet little voices…Reese always asking my what everyone is “Doin?” and Brooks running around like a wild man hanging with Bradford.  What a fun threesome they were…

Our grand adventure to the nature center.  The toddlers had a great time, and almost all walked the whole 1.5 mile trail.  The babies (my neighbor joined us with her granddaughter) were content to ride in the carriers and sleep!)

Where Chaz hung out a lot of the week.  He loved jumping and watching all the big kids play around him.

3 little monkeys jumping on the bed:

Play-doh was a big hit:

We did a lot of laughing:

Quick hair-cut for Brooks:

We did some snuggling on the couch while watching a very-loved Elmo video:The 3 Amigos:

Wow they are cute…and a little exhausting, but oh so cute.  I loved having a little girl around, and realized how different life is/would be if we ever have one join our family.  Brooks & Bradford would wake up and immediately want to play, wrestle, jump, spin, tear apart, build, did I say act like wild men and run around crazily?!  And Reese would walk up behind me and say “I want some clothes.”  So cute… then “Dean dog Doin?, Uncle Andy doin?, mommy doin?…etc…”  She was so cute, and so so different than the boys.  I loved doing her hair, and the way she would sit and snuggle.

They really bonded.  We all really bonded.  And I hope that we get to see those little munchkins again soon!

6 Month-Old Chaz

Chaz has proven to be such a sweet, easy-going little boy.  We often laugh at the differences between he and Bradford and how funny the 2 of them are together.  Bradford loves to be the entertainer, and Chaz loves to watch him and laugh…it’s a pretty good combination.  He is his brother’s biggest fan which is so, so cute.

Chaz is still a chunky little boy, weighing in at 19 lbs 5 ounces (80th %) and measuring 27.5 inches (85%) at his 6 month visit this week.  He’s been such a delightful, easy baby who loves to eat and grow well.  His bright blue eyes get me every time he looks at me, especially when he lets out his cute little laugh.  He’s trying so hard to crawl and practices his moves all the time, which I will show in the pictures below.  Overall, he is doing awesome and brings us joy every day.  I still can’t believe I’m the mom of 2 little boys!  Crazy…

Favorite Bradford-isms

Current favorite words or statements:

“Yacker” = Jacket

“Binker” = Finger

“Gras” = Gas (I guess he fits the typical boy and already thinks this one is really funny)

“Cuse me” = Excuse me

“More Beer” = More berries

“Loo-ah” = Play dough or Banana, depending on the context

“Naps” = snaps

“Bunga!” = Cowabunga! (Learned from the Cookie Monster)

“Oh, dear!” = Another expression learned from a book

“Atuck, atuck” = Tuck me in!

“I want some _____” (fill in the blank)

A few other -isms that are just so cute:

B Man has finally started saying “Baby Chaz,” although he still often just refers to his brother as “baby.”  He loves to stand in the house and call different members of the family,  which usually starts with “Come, Opal Dean Dog,” followed by “come, baby…come, mommy…come, daddy…come, bitty.”

B man often likes to strip his clothes off and play outside, and has a newfound dislike, rather hatred, of getting his clothes wet.  He is fine with water as long as he’s naked.  He is still very particular about his shoes, and will often hate a pair one day and not take them off the next.  He often tries to be the life of the party, and shows off by his spectacular dance moves, throwing himself on the floor, or laughing really loud.

He loves to sing Happy Birthday to himself just about every day, and will line up his markers on the table then practice blowing them out.  His song sounds somewhat like “Happy Bertday, you, you, you…Happy Bertday, you, you, you.”

He asks for just about “more” of everything or “aden” and definitely seeks activities that require a lot of stimulation and activity.  He has the power to wear us down (mainly me) physically and emotionally, but then also has the power to make me laugh harder than anyone and be fills with so much joy to be his mom.

What a funny kid B man is…


Fun at the Science Museum

After an unusual stretch of rainy days, we headed out to this awesome kids museum this morning.  It was such a great morning, and I think I may have enjoyed the museum just as much if not more as Bradford!  While we were there, I kept thinking how much he reminds me of Andy…he is funny, very social, and he loves to figure out how things work.  He was fascinated with figuring all the little gadgets out, pressing buttons, and was amazed by all the cause and effect things he was able to experience.  He also made a couple little friends in just a few minutes.  Chaz and I were happy to sit back and enjoy the B man show as he ran around like a crazy boy!  Here are just a few pictures: they aren’t great, but still cute…

B man’s favorite part: throwing balls and watching them spin around.


Chaz learning how to shake a tambourine:


Checking out bugs with a magnifying glass:


A lighted tunnel.  This kept him entertained for quite a while:


Making music out of PC pipe:


Sweet Chaz, ready for a nap after a fun morning: