Fun at the Science Museum

After an unusual stretch of rainy days, we headed out to this awesome kids museum this morning.  It was such a great morning, and I think I may have enjoyed the museum just as much if not more as Bradford!  While we were there, I kept thinking how much he reminds me of Andy…he is funny, very social, and he loves to figure out how things work.  He was fascinated with figuring all the little gadgets out, pressing buttons, and was amazed by all the cause and effect things he was able to experience.  He also made a couple little friends in just a few minutes.  Chaz and I were happy to sit back and enjoy the B man show as he ran around like a crazy boy!  Here are just a few pictures: they aren’t great, but still cute…

B man’s favorite part: throwing balls and watching them spin around.


Chaz learning how to shake a tambourine:


Checking out bugs with a magnifying glass:


A lighted tunnel.  This kept him entertained for quite a while:


Making music out of PC pipe:


Sweet Chaz, ready for a nap after a fun morning:



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