Favorite Bradford-isms

Current favorite words or statements:

“Yacker” = Jacket

“Binker” = Finger

“Gras” = Gas (I guess he fits the typical boy and already thinks this one is really funny)

“Cuse me” = Excuse me

“More Beer” = More berries

“Loo-ah” = Play dough or Banana, depending on the context

“Naps” = snaps

“Bunga!” = Cowabunga! (Learned from the Cookie Monster)

“Oh, dear!” = Another expression learned from a book

“Atuck, atuck” = Tuck me in!

“I want some _____” (fill in the blank)

A few other -isms that are just so cute:

B Man has finally started saying “Baby Chaz,” although he still often just refers to his brother as “baby.”  He loves to stand in the house and call different members of the family,  which usually starts with “Come, Opal Dean Dog,” followed by “come, baby…come, mommy…come, daddy…come, bitty.”

B man often likes to strip his clothes off and play outside, and has a newfound dislike, rather hatred, of getting his clothes wet.  He is fine with water as long as he’s naked.  He is still very particular about his shoes, and will often hate a pair one day and not take them off the next.  He often tries to be the life of the party, and shows off by his spectacular dance moves, throwing himself on the floor, or laughing really loud.

He loves to sing Happy Birthday to himself just about every day, and will line up his markers on the table then practice blowing them out.  His song sounds somewhat like “Happy Bertday, you, you, you…Happy Bertday, you, you, you.”

He asks for just about “more” of everything or “aden” and definitely seeks activities that require a lot of stimulation and activity.  He has the power to wear us down (mainly me) physically and emotionally, but then also has the power to make me laugh harder than anyone and be fills with so much joy to be his mom.

What a funny kid B man is…



2 thoughts on “Favorite Bradford-isms

  1. I’m laughing and tearing up as I read this. You’ll be so glad you recorded all this later on!
    You think you’ll always remember the cute sayings and funny moments but over time they fade. Cherish them and hug that cutie pie for Riri.

  2. This post is so awesome, Em….

    Ever since I have told B & R that they are traveling to see Bradford soon, they ask about him non-stop: “Bradford, doin?”

    So fun! See you soon!!

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