Our week with 4

We had so much fun with our “cunnis” here as Bradford kept calling the cousins, Brooks & Reese.  Our house feels surprisingly calm with just 2 now, and I find myself missing their sweet little voices…Reese always asking my what everyone is “Doin?” and Brooks running around like a wild man hanging with Bradford.  What a fun threesome they were…

Our grand adventure to the nature center.  The toddlers had a great time, and almost all walked the whole 1.5 mile trail.  The babies (my neighbor joined us with her granddaughter) were content to ride in the carriers and sleep!)

Where Chaz hung out a lot of the week.  He loved jumping and watching all the big kids play around him.

3 little monkeys jumping on the bed:

Play-doh was a big hit:

We did a lot of laughing:

Quick hair-cut for Brooks:

We did some snuggling on the couch while watching a very-loved Elmo video:The 3 Amigos:

Wow they are cute…and a little exhausting, but oh so cute.  I loved having a little girl around, and realized how different life is/would be if we ever have one join our family.  Brooks & Bradford would wake up and immediately want to play, wrestle, jump, spin, tear apart, build, did I say act like wild men and run around crazily?!  And Reese would walk up behind me and say “I want some clothes.”  So cute… then “Dean dog Doin?, Uncle Andy doin?, mommy doin?…etc…”  She was so cute, and so so different than the boys.  I loved doing her hair, and the way she would sit and snuggle.

They really bonded.  We all really bonded.  And I hope that we get to see those little munchkins again soon!


2 thoughts on “Our week with 4

  1. Okay, so I have not sat down at my computer in a reeeeally long time…and I am just now seeing this…and my heart is totally melting right now….

    The pics from the nature center and the monkey jumping are just awesome!

    The reesey questions are just fabulous and I love that you got to experience her from the beginning to end of a day. She is so precious to me. Thank you for relishing the little things with her.

    We gotta get Bman here asap 🙂

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