Toddler Bed Success

We bought a toddler bed for B Man back before Chaz was born after multiple incidents of him climbing out of his crib…our thought was we could go ahead and transition him to the new bed and open up the crib for Chaz.  Pretty soon after though we decided with Bradford’s activity level and tendency to get into most everything he’s not supposed to when we are not looking, it would be better to leave him as contained as possible in the crib for as long as possible.  So the toddler bed has essentially been used for anything but sleeping in the past 7 months.  The 2 main purposes would definitely be reading and B Man’s acrobatics.  However, the past month or so he has been asking quite a bit to sleep in his “big bed” as he calls it.

So, we gave it a run fully expecting to see him out of his room about 35 seconds later.  To our pleasant surprise, Andy and I sat shocked at the silence.  Bradford has gone to bed successfully now for 2 naps and 2 nights without attempting to get out of bed.  We’ll see how long it lasts!  We are pretty proud, and he is very proud of his big boy bed:



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